Major League Baseball Teams compete on the social media playing field


Stats-loving baseball fans can get even more geekd up about the 2012 Major League Baseball season: Now they can influence their teams stats… on the social media diamond. We teamed up  with popular Cleveland Indians fan blog “Did The Tribe Win Last Night?” (“DTTWLN”) to launch a new online competition that pits Major League Baseball teams against each other in a season-long race to create the most fan engagement on Facebook. Initially, the competition is focused on the five teams in the American League Central Division.

While enter:new media powers the tracking metrics, the DTTWLN blog is providing weekly analysis and commentary allowing fans to follow along and participate. The competition is tracked via a standings application accessed through DTTWLN’s Facebook page. Each team receives “points” for tracked fan activity attached to their Facebook posts. A more advanced aspect of the competition is relying on key principles of Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm for rewarding more points for “heavier” social actions. For instance, when a team’s post receives a fan “like” it gains one point, while it will be rewarded 10 points if a fan “shares” that post.

Our President and founder, Mark Curtis, posted a great in-depth analysis and explanation on DTTWLN.



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