From Print to Platform and Back Again – TV Guide’s Cheers & Jeers

2-7-2012 11-14-07 AM

More and more of our entertainment clients are asking us to help them find ways to bring their traditional content to a social platform.  The goal is to take advantage of crowd sourcing and real time response to bring a fresh take to an established piece of the brand. Recently, TV Guide Magazine tasked us with connecting its popular “Cheers and Jeers” feature to its Facebook community, thereby increasing engagement.
Cheers and Jeers is a regular section on the back page of each issue of TV Guide Magazine where Bruce Fretts assigns TV-related events and news a thumbs up (“Cheers”) or thumbs down (“Jeers”). The editors wanted to give their fans a chance to share their opinions on the same topics.



Our solution was an integrated campaign for the TV Guide Facebook Page featuring a  news feed poll where users are presented a daily piece of TV news which they can “Cheer” or “Jeer”. As they vote, the Cheers & Jeers thermometer reflects the consensus. The news feed housing ensures increased engagement and virality for each Like and Comment, similar to our news feed magazine. On the tab level, users can click-through to the Cheers & Jeers archive and re-visit previous polls, and comment on the day’s content.




Why should Facebook fans vote and Comment? Each week a result from the Cheers & Jeers on Facebook will be featured in the magazine along with Comments from fans. A true 360 experience.



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