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 Signs Up Hulu and Vevo Among Others

We’re interested to see where this goes. Social video viewing platform, Chill (touted the for video) has signed on content from Hulu, Vevo, Livestream, UStream and This week it relaunched itself as a site for viewing live events, TV and music videos with other users online. Hulu provides popular shows including Glee and Ringer for users to view and comment on with others, in an avatar environment similar to TV episodes are set to hourly schedules, with optional reminders.

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What?! Virgin Puts Your Virginity On Facebook

This week, Virgin Group launched a Facebook application which displays (after a hefty “Allow”!) your “first times” with a friend – your first photo tag, first mutual check-in, first wall post, among others. These firsts are displayed in a comic-style graphic you can post to your Facebook album. While the image is being aggregated, Virgin displays a slideshow of their company’s own “firsts”. The campaign ties into Sir Richard Branson’s “social marathon” to celebrate Virgin’s history.

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Sundance Premieres Show On Twitter

We love how Twitter is being used by TV networks and here’s another first: this week Sundance Channel is launching its new season of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys on Twitter a full 5 days before broadcast, offering the first episode as a TwitVid. No TV network has chosen Twitter as a platform for premieres. Social was a natural fit, the show already having over more than 200,000 fans on Facebook. Sundance is also providing a second screen experience over an app hosted on Facebook and the network’s website.

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Facebook Provides Ratings Effect Statistics

In yesterday’s Social TV Summit, Andy Mitchell from Facebook cited its partnership with the USA Network to prove its effect on TV ratings. The Hastag Killer app tied to Psych was shared to 38 million people, only 62% of whom were fans of the page. Psych’s ratings were up 10% in the 18-49 demographic and 18% in the 24-54 demographic. An earlier Nielsen study liked buzz two weeks prior to a 1% increase in ratings.

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TV Land Leaves The Vote To Facebook

Facebook is increasingly becoming a handy platform for TV networks to crowd source. TV Land has asked fans to vote on their favorite episode of its sitcom The King Of Queens via its Facebook page in order to determine which to include in an upcoming marathon. Fans were treated to 30 second clips to remember episodes, all shareable of course!

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