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Fox Makes Birdwatching Fun Through Social

We love this! In an attempt to promote its new movie The Big Year, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, Fox has teamed up with the National Audubon Society to release a unique social game called Birding The Net. Users have to spot unique birds on more than 100 websites which have donated their media space to the organization, including AOL, Slate and Discovery Channel (although let’s face it, the extra traffic doesn’t hurt!). Animated birds fly onto the site, perch on the masthead or strut along the bottom. And how’s this for meta: The birds tweet tips on their whereabouts from their individual Twitter handles! Read more on The Audubon Society


X Factor introduces Twitter Voting

In an effort to further increase buzz online, X Factor has become the first competition show to allow Twitter voting. It has partnered with Twitter to allow viewer voting through using instructions on a dedicated Twitter-hosted X Factor page. Users cast their votes through a direct message to @TheXFactorUSA. Twitter has made it possible for X Factor to receive direct messages from users their handle does not follow. Twitter has previously partnered with the likes of The New York Times and The Weather Channel.  Read more on The New York Times!.


PBS Launches a “Like-Drive” To Encourage Sharing

“I support PBS”? Ah if only every bit of charity were as easy as clicking a Like button! PBS ran a Facebook “Like Drive” to help promote some of its shows. Users could click a particular show to post to their profile a statement such as “I support PBS because I learned how to cook French food and more by watching Julia Child”. When the fan count reached its daily goal of one thousand new fans, users were rewarded with an unlocked exclusive video from the PBS archives, such as an exclusive interview with Kevin Clash, the Elmo Puppeteer.  Read more on Lost Remote.



GetGlue and Tumblr Get Cozy

Startups lend each other a hand – Tumblr has teamed up with GetGlue to allow Get Glue check-ins to be pushed to a user’s Tumblr blog seamlessly. There’s also a GetGlue widget where users can grab the code for their widget to easily embed their check-ins to any of their blogs.  Read more on the GetGlue blog.






Twitter Releases A Guide For TV Producers

It is clear that Twitter sees TV as a big part of its future! A new guide for Producers provides data showing the effects of tweets on live television, using NBC’s The Voice and ABC’s Pretty Little Lairs as examples of Twitter prowess in action. It also includes recommendations for unique promoted hash tags, results of promoting Twitter handles on-screen and links to general and broadcast guidelines for displaying tweets.

Read the guide on the Twitter Developers Blog.


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