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From their FAQ (or F8Q…), “f8 is for developers, entrepreneurs and innovators building a more social web by defining tomorrow’s websites, apps and devices” Where attire is “No suits. Seriously.” And today, it was the place a MUCH hyped announcement about Facebook was to happen.

The keynote began over 30 minutes late and was kicked off by a flat Andy Samberg.  Through Livestream you could feel the audience anxious to move on.

When Mark Zuckerberg finally hit the stage, he was all giggles, chortling gleefully at the Andy Samberg treatment he was given, and obviously excited to deliver the news he had tucked away in his presentation.

The focus was on emotion, the way you live (not the way you used to live before Facebook). The tone had shifted from the heartless make-money nerd party boy image The Social Network had created, and revealed this confident warmhearted nerd who wants you to embrace the new platform he has created for you – with your life story in mind.

Here’s what you need to know (followed by some things you just need to know for fun):

Your Facebook Profile is your TIMELINE.

  • All of your stories
  • All of your apps
  • This is where you express who you are

“All of your stories”

Your life isn’t just what you ate yesterday, read the day before, and pontificated on 37 minutes ago.  It is your entire life, arranged in clumps of time, which are noted with blue dots, which are the important dates, and grey dots which are the less important dates. To expand the less important dates, the user clicks the dot to expand.

The visual, combined with the “This Is Your Life” emotional overtones, was moving. Mark Zuckerberg literally scrolled through his entire life.   Users can add to their own timelines (glaringly missing will be “Launched Facebook!”) with an inline composer for those moments in time that happened before a user’s Facebook life.

“All of your apps”

“People want to use apps to express themselves.” – Zuckerberg.

You can use apps to express as much content as you want on your timeline and according to Zuckerberg, no activity is too small to share.

However, the big thing to Zuckerberg is the “reports” piece of the new app platform. Via apps, users can share the minutiae of their activities, but reports are the fun part: a summary of your app-related activities within a certain time period. It would be pretty cool to see side by side food and weight management app reports.

To add apps, Zuckerberg emphasized the “discovery” aspect – something you’ll continue to hear more about.  The ticker in the latest News Feed redesign supports discovery and, from an app developer-perspective, this allows highly engaging apps you develop to be more discoverable.

“Express who you are”

Wait for it… HEADER GRAPHIC.  True, this is not earth shattering, however there is a great opportunity for entertainment and fashion brands and well as sports franchises to create gorgeous graphics for fans to use in that space.

The Timeline is the place where you express yourself fully and where you define which stories are important life moments via dropdown menu.  What a user’s friends see is what THEY have selected to hear from that user (how they are subscribed) – either All Updates, Most Updates, or Only Important updates. That selection is part of what determines News Feed delivery.

The ticker is a big player in that it displays ALL of activities a user takes within apps and stories in a quickly scrolling stream.  As we said before, the ticker is huge – it’s where friends discover new apps, music, food, shows, etc from their friends.


The Other Big Announcement: The Next Version of Open Graph

  • Frictionless: This is a simple way of saying that Facebook permissions are changing so that when users allow an app, they’re allowing that app to post all activities within that app to that user’s timeline. This eliminates further pop-ups asking if you want to share, it just shares automatically.
  • Finding patterns in your friends’ activities: Music is a great example of this – this open graph will recognize similar activities between friends like creating similar playlists, this info would appear as a Top Story in the News Feed.
  • Real Time Serendipity: This is the ticker. User A and User B both use a cooking app, User B is cooking rainbow chard, User A sees this, clicks through to the recipe, runs out and buys the ingredients, cooks rainbow chard, the app shares this activity. And so on. Now use music in that example.  The ticker is where brands want to be to nab that instant gratification/instantly viral moment.

The Other Other Big Announcement: Open Graph And A Completely New Class Of Graphs

This post is coming, but this should be enough to digest for now. Take a peek at The Next Web’s coverage for more.

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