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Liz Stowasky is an incredible project manager here at enter:new media. At our last workshop, she gulped down her public speaking fear and delivered some smarts in a panel titled, “How To Target Facebook Ads For Engagement”. Here’s an interview with our petite lady of all trades – and be sure to join us at our next workshop, this Wednesday. RSVP here!

So Liz, would you say that Facebook contests and promotions are so colorful and glorious that people will just FIND them without any prompting?
In a perfect world, yes colorful contests with dazzling prizes would sell themselves without any effort at all. Who wouldn’t want a free trip, an awesome cash prize or a chance to meet their childhood idol. But we don’t live in a perfect world and good old fashioned internet elbow grease is needed to create a buzz about an upcoming promotion.

How do you promote your promotions? Are there any tried and true tricks?
The easiest (and cheapest) way to promote any campaign is through active community management. However, you can’t just write a status update telling people to enter and then attach a link, you have to be very… obvious.

Imagery outweighs words and instant gratification out weighs patience. Point blank… people don’t read. Try using an arrow to point directly to your link —– > See my eyes are looking over here now, exactly where your link would be.

People don’t read directions. How many times have you promoted a campaign in a status update only to have someone leave a comment thinking that was their entry? You need to react to and guide your community if a few stragglers are off the beaten path. A simple “Hey @So and So, we want your entry to count. Click here —- > to qualify” works every time. Sometimes fans lose their minds that you were actually listening.

Would you say that Facebook promos should only be promoted on Facebook?
Facebook promotions can be promoted EVERYWHERE. The best way to get a community jazzed about something is by talking about it in the places they hang out. Print media, television, radio, Twitter, etc. Marketing types call that 360 ;)

What about growing the community via contests? How do you grab the eyeballs and actions of new fans?
Get the fans involved. We have a great fan recruitment app that inspires fans to get their friends to become a fan of a brand. It works really well because they get bragging rights, but you must reward them for their efforts. To make this type of campaign more effective, attach a Facebook targeted media buy – it’s a one-two punch.

Don’t forget the bloggers. People blog to be recognized as experts. When YOU recognize their expertise and put them on a judging panel for a food contest, for example, that exposure has legs. They’ll pump it up beforehand, during, and wrap it up after!

Finally, what’s at the base of every contest or promotion on Facebook?
Know the guidelines! Facebook has created a core set of guidelines specifically to help marketers promote their promotions. Learn them, love them, live by them – or get your app pulled.

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